Open Friday 2/11 and through the weekend with excellent conditions

We will be open Friday 2/11 from 9:00am – 4:30pm and through the weekend. Come enjoy the groomed trails! We will be operating out of our camp office today (Laughlin Lodge), so please stop there at the sign in the road to check in upon arrival rather than going straight to the Ski Shop. For the weekend, we will be operating out of the Ski Shop.

Current Trail Conditions

We have spent the first part of this week completely re-furbishing our grooming equipment to match the standard of our new snowmobile. We tested it today and everything is now working great. We are grooming this morning with our better defined “corduory” surface and fresh set traditional tracks. Early skiing should be excellent and may soften up as the temperature rises in the afternoon. We have plenty of good snow on the trails and expect good skiing for the weekend.

Special thanks to Skip and Sue Stackhouse for making a large number of new trail signs. We are working to get them all up as they have been needed to replace many old or missing signs. Now skiers should be able to make it around the Blue Moon trail and not get caught up in the Yo Yo’s.

Despite the warmer temperature swings this week, we have kept a good base, especially since our ski trails are north-facing. With the forecast in flux over the next few weeks, we are continuing to work hard to maintain the best possible ski conditions. Stay tuned for updates.

Road Conditions

The mountain road is much improved from last week as much of the ice has completely melted off. However, some parts are still slick. We strongly recommend that guests have snow tires and/or chains to make it up the mountain, in addition to 4WD or AWD. Crystal Lake is not responsible for assisting anyone who gets stuck. The best option is to call non-emergency police for assistance, or Shrewsbury township for plow help: (570) 584-3079.



  • Get on route US 220 at Hughesville and go north to the village of Tivoli.
  • Turn left (north) onto Highland Lake Rd., drive 7.4 miles to Crystal Lake Camps.
  • If you must use your GPS, use it to go to Tivoli, PA, on US 220, then follow our directions at our sign at the Highland Lake Road.

Ski Info

  • Snow depth: 4″
  • Surface: 1/2″ powder
  • Estimated packed base: 4″ frozen granular
  • Km open: 25
  • Km groomed: 25
  • Km tracked: 0
  • Classic vs. skate: All open trails are open for both classic and skate skiing.
  • Skiable days this season: 21

Snow Info

  • Snow in the last 24 hours: 1/2″ on 02/10/22
  • Snow so far this season: 21″

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