Trail Conditions Report: 12/17/16 am

Last night brought us 2inches of snow to cover our set base!  Today’s forecast calls for a morning “wintery mix” of snow, ice, and rain. Right now it is about 16 degrees and will probably get up to 34.

Tom will be out grooming soon, and we will be ready for a 9am opening!

Trail Conditions Report: 12/16/16 pm

Another great day on the trails! Blue Moon seemed a bit soft today, but the conditions were generally good–though a bit slick in some areas like Boardpile.

Thanks to everyone who came out today! It was great having a group of people in the shop for a lunch break. One skier commented: “You really have something special here, so thank you”

As of right now, the weather calls for some ice/snow overnight, adding between 1-3 inches on top of our current 5-7.

We will be open at 9am and most likely be closed Sunday due to rain, so come out tomorrow while you can! (check back for any changes due to weather)


Trail Conditions Report: 12/16/16 am

Conditions are similar to yesterday: no new snow; some spots are a bit slick, but there’s a good base down and the trails are still groomed and tracked. Skiers yesterday seemed to enjoy Blue Moon best.

Today’s forecast is said to be a bit warmer than yesterday, but not by much–layers are advised.

We open at 9 and are excited to keep skiing while we can!

Trail Conditions Report: Wednesday 12/14/16 pm

What a great opening day! We had some familiar faces in, and even some new ones–everyone had an awesome time and enjoyed the trails. Under the big trees might be a bit thin and there are a few wet spots, but tomorrow will be another awesome day to ski!

Reminder to check out our Twitter account:

Trails are groomed. Tracks are set. Time to ski.



Trail Conditions Report: Wednesday 12/14/16 am

We got around 3 inches of snow last night–adding a nice layer to our base! Again, trails were groomed yesterday, and this snow will benefit Whipple Mill and Bear Creek, which were looking a bit thin yesterday.

Trails open at 9am.

Again, bring your own lunches/snacks, as we don’t have much in stock yet.

Trail Conditions Report: Tuesday 12/13/16

Tomorrow is opening day! Most trails have been groomed this afternoon, however Whipple Mill and Bear Creek are looking a bit thin…

We are expecting more snow tonight (around 1-3 inches) and it has already started to flurry

Although conditions are not ideal, they are better than last year–s0 join us for the 2016/2017 season open!

Trail Conditions Report: Sunday 12/11/16

It has been a snowy Sunday to say the least–we’ve had flurries all day! Tonight, we are expecting around 6 inches to fall, and we’ll get to grooming! We are not open yet, but may be later this week–so keep checking this blog and/or our Twitter @ski_clc


Trail Conditions Report: Wednesday 12/7/16

Despite the snowfall last night, the temperatures have risen to above freezing and the sun is coming out. The snow has already started melting and is quite slushy! img_3549

Trail Conditions Report: Monday 12/5/16

We got a few inches of snow last night– unfortunately, not enough to ski on. It is also starting to melt. However, we are grateful for this snow and hope that it is just the beginning! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ski_clc for ski conditions. We are also on Instagram @crystallakeski