Trail Conditions Report: Conditions as of 2:00 Friday 2/12

Sue and I just skied Wild Rice, Blueberry, Kettle, Hidden Pond, Backway, and Lake trails.  The skiing was a pleasant surprise.  The surface has tightened up and is no longer so slow.  Sticks are of course visible but stones mostly hidden and it was not hard to miss them. I think a decent skier could do without ‘rock’ skis, at least until the trails get more use. And we might get hit by one of those heavy bands of flurries tonight.  I don’t suggest skating, because of potential damage to skis and also fragile snow cover.  Enjoy!  –Michael

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  1. My husband and I were there skiing today (Sunday 2/14/16). Conditions were much better than expected! The weather was wonderful with very little wind and full sun and not a cloud in the sky! Road conditions were fair to good just take it easy on the way up and gear down on the way out.

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