18 February, 2021: 1:46pm

We will be open through the weekend starting tomorrow, Friday February 19 with un-groomed trails for skiing and snowshoeing! By tomorrow, we will only have around 3 inches of fresh snow, which won’t be enough to adequately groom on top of the frozen layer that remains from the ice storm. Because the trails won’t be groomed, all trails will also … Read More

17 February, 2021: 3:44pm

Our trails remain very frozen and damaged from downed trees from the ice storm. We will likely not be able to reopen until we get at least 3 inches of fresh snow that we’re able to sufficiently groom. We have about 3 inches forecasted for tomorrow, so we will see what happens! Even if we are able to reopen, we … Read More

17 February, 2021: 8:04am

Due to the freezing rain, we have many downed trees and damage to the trails. We’ll take the next couple of days to assess the conditions before making a decision to reopen.

16 February, 2021 – 3:40pm

CLOSED until further updates. Due to damage from the freezing rain, we’ve gotten a lot of down trees and the trails are very icy. We’ll need to take some time to assess the trails before we can give a clear answer of when we’ll be open next.

16 February, 2021 – 5:30am

CLOSED today due to icy roads, rain, and warm temps. The freezing rain overnight has solidified the trails, and with warm temps, there’s slush as well. We’ll stay closed today to preserve the trails, and plan to re-open tomorrow, but stay tuned for updates.

15 February, 2021: 3:46pm

We had another great day of skiing today!   We will tentatively be open tomorrow, February 16 from 9:00am – 4:30pm. We’re supposed to get rain overnight, so if that turns to freezing rain, the mountain road probably wouldn’t be safe to drive on tomorrow. The rain will also make the trail conditions a little unknown.   We’ll make the … Read More

15 February, 2021: 1:07pm

Skiers have shared that the trail conditions are “glorious” today! We’ve had snow on and off all day so far, so the road might be a little iffy but it’s hard to predict.

15 February, 2021: 9:05

The snow has started a little early now, but it’s still pretty light. Roads should still be good.

15 February, 2021: 8:04am

Our conditions this morning are looking better than expected, and the mountain road should be safe for driving!   The snow is now supposed to start around 11:00am, but it looks like it will be light for most of the day and the accumulation will only around 4 inches.   If anything changes, we will be sure to post updates!

15 February, 2021: 5:31am

We are expecting around 5 inches of snow today, starting early this morning and continuing throughout the day. We’ll keep updates on weather/road conditions, so please be sure to check back for driving information. If all is clear, we’ll be open from 9:00am – 4:30pm.