Trail Conditions Report: 12/31/16 Continued

Hello skiers, Michael here.  I skied today with two of the grandsons seen five years ago on the main page background photo.  We went out Wild Rice, up Boardpile, around the Oak loop, down Boardpile to Blueberry, over to the connector to Lower Zinger, down to Hidden Pond, and back.  Most of the trails have been rolled.  There are remarkably … Read More

Trail Conditions Report: 12/31/2016

Get some skiing in before the New Year! Today we will be open from 9-5 Conditions are certainly not ideal (Rock Skis would be advised), however our trails are skiable. Some rocks and roots can be seen on our inner trails, and there are still icy sections of Boardpile.  

Trail Conditions Report: 12/30/16 am

We have about 2 inches of fresh snow from yesterday, however our trails still need to be assessed and groomed before we can ski. Many of our trails were quite bare due to the warm temperatures and rain, so the new snow will help build a new base but it might not be sufficient enough to ski. We will assess … Read More

Trail Conditions Report: 12/24/2016

Happy Holidays! We are open for Snowshoeing–trails are still not in great condition. Due to the rain, the roads are also quite slick, so please drive slow!

Trail Conditions Report: 12/20/16 am

Similar to the last two days, our trails are very icy and not quite skiable. We will be open today but only for snowshoeing! I had the chance of snowshoeing in Colorado up near the Continental Divide and it was glorious–if you haven’t tried it before, I encourage you to come up, rent some snow shoes, and explore our property. … Read More

Trail Conditions Report: 12/17/16 pm

Great skiing again today–despite the “wintery mix” of sleet and snow this morning, skiing was a blast and the trails were great. Tomorrow, however, we will be closed unless stated otherwise. The temperatures will rise above freezing and we are expecting rain. Not only will this make for less than ideal skiing, the roads will be dangerous to drive on. … Read More

Trail Conditions Report: 12/17/16 8am

Conditions update: our precipitation is more like sleet than snow, but Tom is still out grooming and we are going to be open at 9–maybe bring some goggles Roads haven’t been plowed going up the mountain, so make sure you have good tires!

Trail Conditions Report: 12/17/16 am

Last night brought us 2inches of snow to cover our set base!  Today’s forecast calls for a morning “wintery mix” of snow, ice, and rain. Right now it is about 16 degrees and will probably get up to 34. Tom will be out grooming soon, and we will be ready for a 9am opening!

Trail Conditions Report: 12/16/16 pm

Another great day on the trails! Blue Moon seemed a bit soft today, but the conditions were generally good–though a bit slick in some areas like Boardpile. Thanks to everyone who came out today! It was great having a group of people in the shop for a lunch break. One skier commented: “You really have something special here, so thank you” … Read More