Feb 9, 7am – 25 degrees

We are open!  As with yesterday, there is coverage everywhere and we had a good number of skiers yesterday.  It’s lightly snowing this morning, and our forecast calls for a somewhat warming day. We’re expecting another good day!

February 3 2020

While we’re grateful for the 5 inches we received over the weekend, with the forecast warmth today and tomorrow (upper 40s/low 50s), we are remaining closed in hopes of retaining what we can into this coming weekend when it gets cold again.


OPEN!!  7+ inches of fresh snow from yesterday’s storm.  No report yet from the groomer (he’s been out rolling trails since 4am), but things look good.  🙂

2/4/2018 – Closed (for now)

We’re closed right now, but expect to be open this week.  Keep posted here we’ll update once the groomers have gotten underway!


Closed today due to the forecast warmth and rain showers


Snowshoeing: OPEN; Skiing: CLOSED – unfortunately, there is not enough snow yet to pack and groom for skiing.  But we will just as soon as we can!


CLOSED.  Due to the warmth overnight and the rain we are closed until further notice.


Sunday – all trails are open!  With the forecast warmth it will soften up a bit later – but for now conditions are good and we have skiers out as we speak.  Come on up for the last day of this great weekend.


OPEN!  All trails are opened, groomer went over most everything early this morning.  Snow should be in good shape most everywhere, but a few soft spots should be expected due to yesterday’s modest warmth and sun.


OPEN on Thursday!  Great conditions expected.