Trail Conditions 3/14

Due to the rise in temperatures and lack of snow we are CLOSED for the immediate future. Thank you for your patience.

Trail Conditions 3/13

WE ARE OPEN! Unfortunately, our trails are not that great. We have very spring-time conditions with slush on the ground and stick as well as rocks unearthed.   We will be offering half day prices all day and we hope to see you here. Please check in at the office and refrain from using the parking lot as we are … Read More

Trail Conditions 3/12

We are OPEN   Our conditions aren’t perfect. There are spring like conditions out right now: warm temperatures, slushy trails, and visible sticks and rocks peeking through the snow. The trails are not not groomed and the ground is quite slick.   However, if you do come, we ask that you check in at the office and that you park … Read More

Trail Conditions 3/11

We are CLOSED.   Due to the slushy nature of our trails we are closed. We are hoping the temperature drops so that we can open tomorrow, however, that has yet to be seen. Stay tuned right here for information regarding whether or not we’ll be open tomorrow.

Trail Conditions 3/10

We are CLOSED. The rain along side the warmer temperatures are going to do a number on our trails. Thank you to all who came up yesterday and we look forward to seeing you again.

Trail Conditiona 3/8

WE ARE OPEN! We have had an overwhelmingly great response to the conditions of our trails. With a solid base and 5-6 inches of powder on top the conditions couldn’t be more perfect. Suitable for beginners and veterans alike, it’ll be fun for the whole family. So grab your skis and come on up.

Trail Conditions 3/5

With the snow we had over the weekend we are OPEN! Hoping to stay open throughout the rest of the week. We have a firm base of solid ice with 5 inches if groomed snow on top! The March sun has made some of the more exposed trails a bit sticky but that doesn’t mean the skiing isn’t still great. … Read More

Trail Conditions 3/4

Due to decent snowfall we received last night and this morning we are OPEN for skiing! There is about 5 inches of powder on top of a solid base of ice meaning our trails are ready to go. Our groomer will be up here diligently working around 8:30am. So get ready for some freshly groomed trails and a lot of … Read More

Trail Conditions 3/3

We are closed today, however, we are expecting 1-3 inches of snow throughout the evening and we are hoping to open tomorrow morning if that is the case. Thank you all for your patience.

Trail Conditions 2/25

Due to the large amount of ice that we have on our roads and trails we are CLOSED today.   We are expecting to get snow on Wednesday which will hopefully allow us to open later in the week. Please stay tuned right here for future information regarding our opening.