Trail Conditions Report: 2/13/17

Some of the snow on our trails was melted down by the rain yesterday; In addition, warmer temps from Saturday afternoon and Sunday have softened what we had on the ground. We will stay closed to preserve what we have on the ground until our next big snowfall.

Trail Conditions Report: 2/12/17

We had another great day of skiing on Saturday–thanks to all who came and enjoyed! Temperatures were starting to rise in the afternoon, making the snow a bit sticky. Overnight, temps stayed fairly warm and it has been raining all morning–snow has gotten very soft, and roads are extremely slick. We have decided to close for the day. Stay tuned … Read More

Trail Conditions Report: 2/11/17 AM

Good morning skiers: The 7 inches of snow has packed down some since yesterday, so it’s not as powdery. This morning will make for quite nice skiing. The forecast calls for rain tomorrow (Sunday) and warmer temps. in the afternoon today Tom is touching up some of the trails right now with the groomer, so we will be ready to ski … Read More

Trail Conditions Report: 2/10/17 AM

Hi all, Our trails are groomed and ready to be skied on! I went around the lake this morning, and it was glorious: the 7 inches on the ground in addition to the tracks made for a great morning ski Wild Rice Trail is featured below: .

Trail Conditions Report: 2/4/2017

We had a crowd of happy skiers today of all skill levels.  The coverage remains good including the steeps.  A few more rocks are poking through but as of Saturday afternoon they are easy to avoid.   It’s hard to count on the weather coming in, so grab this good Crystal Lake skiing while you can.    

Trail Conditions Report: 2/3/17-Afternoon

Michael here.  I just came in from skiing Wild Rice, Blueberry, Rocky Road, Zinger, and Hidden Pond.  It’s impressively good for a five inch snowfall.  The first inches were heavy enough for support, and the top is lovely medium powder, so skis perform in and out of the tracks.  The skiing is moderately fast, not icy, and quite safe.  We … Read More

Trail Conditions Report: 2/3/17 Morning

Hi All, Conditions are pretty much the same as yesterday afternoon–check out Sue’s post below: Again, our trails are not groomed and coverage is quite thin. Please check in at our Office upon arrival.

Trail Conditions Report: 2/2/2017 Afternoon

Sue here, conditions are powder (no grooming yet), a few rocks and a few areas with thin coverage but all in all a nice ski this afternoon.   Blueberry, Kettle, up Rocky Road to Wazoo and down, Lower Zinger, with ungroomed trails the pace was slow, but nice glide and wonderful control.   I also skied Catfish; very rugged and slim coverage … Read More

Trail Conditions Report: 2/2/17

Hi ski friends! Mason and I just went skiing around the Lake and up on Lake Ridge Trail–snow is quite thin: rocks and roots showing as well as some fallen trees on the trails. HOWEVER, there is still snow on the ground. Although conditions are not ideal, it is still skiable. We are open today until 5pm and please check … Read More

Trail Conditions Report: 1/26/17 9am

Hi again, Due to the warm temps, and the sun that is hitting us now, we are going to be CLOSED today. We want to preserve the snow that we have on the ground in order to ski in the future!