1/10/2018 pm

We had a few folks come out and ski today! Lower trails have thinned out quite a bit due to warm temps. We are expecting tomorrow to be much warmer than today and rain. We will be closed starting tomorrow until further notice. Think snow!  

1/10/2018 am

We are OPEN for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing today! Trails open at 9am and close at 5pm. Warm temps from yesterday and today have made our lower trails soft and rather thin. Upper trails still have a good bit of snow cover. We are expecting more sun and warmth today, so come out while you can!

1/9/2018 pm

Good crowd of skiers today. They enjoyed the upper trails: Blue Moon, Pitchpine, and Laurel. Due to warm temps and sun, the lower trails have become quite soft and thin. We will be open tomorrow at 9am. Come enjoy while we have the snow!

1/9/2018 am

OPEN at 9am for cross-country skiing! Excellent skiing on our upper trails (Blue Moon, Fern Loops, Pitchpine, Laurel). Lower trails still have a smooth and fast surface. A few rocks and roots on trails, but all are easily avoidable. Warm temps today: up to 30…practically tropical.  

1/8/2018 pm

Excellent skiing up on the upper trails: Blue Moon, Fern Loop, S-Bend, and Wild Rice. These all accumulated more snow than the lower trails, improving conditions vastly. We are getting flurries for the next few hours, and will be open again tomorrow at 9am!

1/8/2018 am

Trail conditions are the same as yesterday; the surface is fast yet controllable with a few obstacles that can be easily maneuvered around. Temperatures today are significantly warmer than this weekend. The forecast is calling for an inch of snow this morning. Trails open at 9am and close at 5pm!

1/7/2018 pm

More sun, less wind, good ski. Things have improved overnight; conditions are quite good. Surface is fast, great, controllable. There are a few rocks, but they are easily avoidable. Skiers enjoyed Lake Trail, Hidden Pond, Wazoo, and Kettle Trail. We’ll be open at 9am tomorrow!

1/7/2018 am

No new snow on the ground; conditions will be the same as yesterday: fast yet controllable surface and a few rocks and roots (easily avoidable). We’d recommend rock skis and/or skis with a metal edge. We are still expecting cold temps and advise you layer up accordingly! Trails open at 9am and close at 5pm.

1/6/2018 pm

Terry and Michael went skiing today and were surprised at how fast it was. Wild Rice, Boardpile, Sassafras, Zinger, Rocky Road, and Wazoo. No significant obstacles on the trail. Surface is fast, smooth, and controllable BUT much easier with metal edges. Temperatures are very cold, so outside exposures should be short. Looking forward to another great day of skiing tomorrow. … Read More


OPEN for skiing! Trails are open at 9am and close at 5pm. We’ll be operating out of our Dining Hall. Temperatures are supposed to be extremely cold: a high of 6 and low of -5, although the hourly temperature is calling for it to be around 2 degrees most of the day but “feels like” -16. Clear skies with winds … Read More