January 18, 2020: 8pm

Hi friends, It’s been a LONG time awaiting the snow to fall and stick…. Many of you heard that we were expecting a big snowstorm, and we did get some snow, just not as much as they predicted. We have about 3.5/4inches on the ground, and the weather report¬†had called for some rain, so we’ll see if that comes overnight. … Read More

7 March 2019

OPEN for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing! Trails are in good condition; not too fast, controllable, with a good base of snow. We’re looking at a fairly cloudy day with temps in the mid to upper 20s. We open at 9 and close at 5; hope to see you here!  

6 March 2019

We are OPEN today! Trails are groomed and ready to be skied on. We had some great skiing the last few days, and excited for more! Snowshoeing is also available. Temps today will be cold–a high of 20 but feels like 8…It will be fairly cloudy throughout the day as well. Shop opens at 9!

2 March 2019

CLOSED today.   Still awaiting some substantial snow! It’s been flurrying throughout the morning, and we’re expecting 3-5inches tomorrow (Sunday) evening. We aim to be open starting Monday morning, so be sure to check back here for updates.

1 March 2019

We got a few inches of powder overnight, however our trails are still a bit icy and have debris from the strong winds last weekend. We will NOT be open today or this upcoming weekend. Sunday afternoon is forecasted to bring 3-5inches, and we aim to be open next week.

25 January, 2019

We are CLOSED until further notice. Rain and warm temps have turned our snow to slush; we’re awaiting another snowfall midweek next week.

21 January, 2019

We’re OPEN today for skiing! Yesterday, skiers commented on the nice trail conditions specifically on Blue Moon and the Pitchpine/Laurel loop. Skiing was a bit fast, but doable for all levels. Today, the trails have crisped up a bit more due to the drop in temps. We expect another wonderful day of skiing with slightly faster conditions. Shop opens at … Read More

20 January, 2019: OPENING DAY

Hi all! We are excited to announce our 2019 Season Opening Day! Today we will be open for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. It’s been raining throughout the early morning here at the Crystal Lake Ski and Outdoor Center, making the snow soft and sticky. We still plan to be open to ski, despite the not wonderful conditions on the trails. … Read More

16 November 2018

Hi all, We are STOKED about this snow! Unfortunately, the ground did not freeze, and now there is a thick layer of icy slush on the road causing unsafe driving conditions. We will be closed until further notice.