Fall Weekday Property Use

Hi friends, The Crystal Lake Ski and Outdoor Center is open for day use activities such as hiking, boating, and fishing during the week this fall. Due to staffing, we’re not able to open for day use activities on weekends or for lodging. We appreciate your support!

Closed Friday 2/18

We will be closed in Friday, 2/18 due to rain We need to wait until the rain stops to assess trail conditions and possibilities for the weekend. Stay tuned for updates!

Update 2/17

Closed for the day due to rain! Stay tuned for updates for the weekend

Trail Conditions 2/17

OPEN today, Thursday Feb 17 from 9am – 12pm We had a great day of skiing yesterday on the upper trails, which were in great condition. In the late afternoon, our groomers were able to touch up the lower trails to get them ready for this morning. Warmer temps today will soften up what had been slick earlier in the … Read More

Open for Super Skiing Sunday!

OPEN today,  2/13 for SUPER SKIING SUNDAY! Upper trails (Laurel, Pitchpine, Blue Moon, the Fern loops) are all in good shape! Lower trails are slick due to the freeze overnight. Road conditions coming in are good, but we still recommend AWD, 4WD, and/or chains.

Open for day use starting September 7

Starting September 7 Crystal Lake Ski and Outdoor Center is open for day use. We ask that you call ahead and make reservations. For more information about activities check out our activities page.

24 Feb – 7am

CLOSED today due to rain and warm temps. We’ll also be closed tomorrow, Thursday 25 Feb.

23 Feb – 11:45am

CLOSED for the rest of today and for Wednesday and Thursday due to rain and warm temps. Decisions for the weekend will be made by Thursday afternoon.

23 Feb – 7:05am

Open today from 9am – noon, then we’ll reassess the trails as we’re expecting warm temps and rain later on in the day. Nothing is groomed, but skiers yesterday set their own tracks on some of the lower trails. We’ll operate out of the shop today, so all skiers can check in there.