Trail Conditions Report: 3/16/17

We had an awesome turnout today! Skiers had a great time in the tracks, and enjoyed the sunshine.

By the end of the day, the snow was a bit sticky but overall conditions were good.

We are excited about more skiing tomorrow!

2 Comments on “Trail Conditions Report: 3/16/17”

  1. Will you at least roll some trails tomorrow? Has anything been done to upper trails?

    Thank you, we love Crystal Lake, but traveling a distance. Hoping for a bit of grooming.
    Sincerely, Ken Siptroth
    ( 30 years skiing at C Lake)

    1. As of today the groomers are simply unable to pull the machinery or even get the snowmobile itself through the deep snow. It might consolidate by Friday or Friday evening, which would let them groom early Saturday. But the skier tracks are quite nice, though a LOT of work to create.
      I’ll be up with other volunteers Friday morning and will try to do as much as we can of Pitch Pine, Laurel, and Blue Moon if they can’t be fully groomed. – Michael

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