Trail Conditions Report: 2/4/2017

We had a crowd of happy skiers today of all skill levels.  The coverage remains good including the steeps.  A few more rocks are poking through but as of Saturday afternoon they are easy to avoid.   It’s hard to count on the weather coming in, so grab this good Crystal Lake skiing while you can.



One Comment on “Trail Conditions Report: 2/4/2017”

  1. Hello.

    Today we took the back way to shortcut, then hidden pond, to back way and around a few times. Skiing was good for classic skiing, better than expected. The rocks and sticks (more sticks than usual, we tried to clear some when we could) were like said, easily avoidable. Parts of Shortcut and beginning of Hidden were getting slightly soft as noon approached, possibly from sun through the clouds.

    Friday, we took backway, hidden, blueberry, to wild rice. It was slower on Friday (maybe was not packed as well by skiers yet) on that day but consistent and did not hit any rocks or sticks.

    Roads coming up were clear until crystal’s road which is snow covered as usual.

    Definitely, worth coming up especially since we don’t know what is coming for the rest of winter!!!

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