Trail Conditions Report: 2/2/17

Hi ski friends! Mason and I just went skiing around the Lake and up on Lake Ridge Trail–snow is quite thin: rocks and roots showing as well as some fallen trees on the trails.

HOWEVER, there is still snow on the ground. Although conditions are not ideal, it is still skiable. We are open today until 5pm and please check in at our Office upon arrival.

Note that we have not groomed our trails.


One Comment on “Trail Conditions Report: 2/2/17”

  1. Skiied Blue Moon this morning, had about 1/4 – 1/2 of snow that fell. Sufficient coverage on Blue Moon, a few rocks and sticks but very manageable. Conditions became a little sticky around 11:30 but very likely more wax on the ski’s would have resolved this. Also skied Wild Rice, slim coverage on a couple of spots but again very manageable!

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