21 February 4:40pm

Great day of skiing today! We had around 150 skiers and conditions were great through the day. We expect to be open tomorrow from 9am – 4:30pm, though the forecast is calling for snow during the day tomorrow. Stay tuned!

4 Comments on “21 February 4:40pm”

  1. Hi folks, Are you planning to stay open all week this week. The weather forecast is for warming temps starting Tuesday and lasting until approx. Friday. I am just wondering if you will close mid-week to preserve the base you have?

    Dave Case

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delayed reply. We plan to be open as long as there is good snow; we will probably close on Wednesday if the high temps and rain come, then see when we can re-open.

    1. Hi Julia, we’ll be making a determination about Friday and the weekend on Thursday. The forecast is currently projecting warm temperatures and rain, so we will assess closer to Friday and post on our Trail Conditions blog, Facebook, and Instagram Story.

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