17 February, 2021: 3:44pm

Our trails remain very frozen and damaged from downed trees from the ice storm.

We will likely not be able to reopen until we get at least 3 inches of fresh snow that we’re able to sufficiently groom. We have about 3 inches forecasted for tomorrow, so we will see what happens!

Even if we are able to reopen, we will probably not have as many trails open due to the continuing clean up and repair of the trails.

Stay tuned for updates – we will post as soon as we know when we might be able to reopen!

2 Comments on “17 February, 2021: 3:44pm”

  1. Hope you are open Friday – Sunday of this week. Expecting 4″-8″ of snow, so nice top dressing.

    1. We likely won’t be open by Friday, but we are hoping we’ll be able to open by Saturday! Our forecast is only showing 2.9 inches for tomorrow, so we will see what we can work with after in comes. Since all our trails are frozen, we will need a good couple inches to be able to groom adequately!

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