Trail Conditions Report: 12/31/16 Continued

Hello skiers, Michael here.  I skied today with two of the grandsons seen five years ago on the main page background photo.  We went out Wild Rice, up Boardpile, around the Oak loop, down Boardpile to Blueberry, over to the connector to Lower Zinger, down to Hidden Pond, and back.  Most of the trails have been rolled.  There are remarkably few rocks but yes, a few.  Coverage is thin but complete, and the surface easy to control.  The unrolled trails skied well.  We caution skiers to avoid the steeps, as a few snowplows could scrape the cover down to underlying ice or soil.  There are bare areas on Bluel Moon, but Pitch Pine and Laurel are almost good enough to skate (I am told;  not by me!)  We’ll be open from 9-5 Sunday and trail passes are at the half-day rates all day.  The weatherman says “Don’t count on skiing Monday.”

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