OPEN on Friday Jan 19

All reports from skiers on Thursday have been happy and enthusiastic.  There are more to be sure, but we’ve heard great reports from Pitch Pine, Laurel, Kettle, Wild Rice, Boardpile, & Frosty Loop.  Quotes on the day include, “Beautiful and perfect conditions”, “fun and fast – but very controllable”, and “the groomed trails are perfect”  Come on up soon in case the weather turns warm again.

Road Conditions

It’s a bit slick on the roads, so be sure to drive slowly and safely! We advise you drive vehicles with all-wheel drive. The township has plowed Highland Lake Road and put down anti-skid cinders at 2pm Thursday; please don’t use Genesee Trail as there is no winter maintenance–your GPS will automatically send you to Genesee Trail, but if you put in the Tivoli Tavern, it will take you to Highland Lake Road, where you want to go!

Part-Time Ski Coordinator Job Opportunity

Are you interested in some part-time, seasonal work? We are looking for someone to help manage our ski shop! Please see the job description here: Ski Season Coordinator and contact Camp Director, Becca, at for inquiries and information.


Purchase your season pass for this upcoming ski season! We are SO ready for winter!



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