Trail Conditions 3/14

Due to the rise in temperatures and lack of snow we are CLOSED for the immediate future. Thank you for your patience.

Trail Conditions 3/13

WE ARE OPEN! Unfortunately, our trails are not that great. We have very spring-time conditions with slush on the ground and stick as well as rocks unearthed.   We will be offering half day prices all day and we hope to see you here. Please check in at the office and refrain from using the […]

Trail Conditions 3/11

We are CLOSED.   Due to the slushy nature of our trails we are closed. We are hoping the temperature drops so that we can open tomorrow, however, that has yet to be seen. Stay tuned right here for information regarding whether or not we’ll be open tomorrow.

Trail Conditions 3/3

We are closed today, however, we are expecting 1-3 inches of snow throughout the evening and we are hoping to open tomorrow morning if that is the case. Thank you all for your patience.

Trail Conditions 2/25

Due to the large amount of ice that we have on our roads and trails we are CLOSED today.   We are expecting to get snow on Wednesday which will hopefully allow us to open later in the week. Please stay tuned right here for future information regarding our opening.

Trail Update 2/14 PM

Unfortunately we are anticipating rain this evening into tomorrow morning. In order to preserve our trails for Sat-Mon we are going to be closed tomorrow(Friday).   Thank you for your patience regarding this matter, we appreciate it.    

Trail Update 2/14

We have been waiting for the perfect conditions to open and unfortunately we haven’t gotten them.   However, we WILL BE OPEN today starting at 1pm.   The trails are not in great shape; only about half of our trails are groomed and there are no tracks set anywhere. There is about a 1/2 inch […]

25 January, 2019

We are CLOSED until further notice. Rain and warm temps have turned our snow to slush; we’re awaiting another snowfall midweek next week.

Trail Conditions 1/23

Due to the serious weather we are going to get today, the Crystal Lake Ski and Outdoor Center will be closed. We are trying to save as much as the snow as possible for after the rain subsides. Tomorrow we are expecting a fresh dusting to hopefully add a fluffy layer on top of the […]

Trail Conditions 1/22 Cont.

We hope you are having a wonderful day of skiing, and look forward to seeing you at our half day prices. As the day continues on our trails are becoming more and more icy. We still have a good base of 8 inches of snow, but the low temperature is icing over the upper trails. […]