Trail update 2/15

Due to the rain that we received last night and this morning we will be closed tomorrow as well as Sunday.   We are expecting snow Sunday night and if we preserve our trails this weekend we are aiming to be open all of next week starting on Monday the 18th   We thank you […]

Trail Update 2/14 PM

Unfortunately we are anticipating rain this evening into tomorrow morning. In order to preserve our trails for Sat-Mon we are going to be closed tomorrow(Friday).   Thank you for your patience regarding this matter, we appreciate it.    

Trail Update 2/14

We have been waiting for the perfect conditions to open and unfortunately we haven’t gotten them.   However, we WILL BE OPEN today starting at 1pm.   The trails are not in great shape; only about half of our trails are groomed and there are no tracks set anywhere. There is about a 1/2 inch […]

Trail Conditions 2/4

Due to the warm weather and rain that we are expecting, we are CLOSED until further notice. We aim to preserve as much of the snow on our trails as we can in hopes of reopening as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Trail Conditions 2/3

We are open today.   With the warmer weather coming up hopefully some of the ice melts a bit, allowing for our groomer to do it’s job. Yesterday, however, the reports we got from skiers of all levels indicated that the trails were fun to ski on. The 3-4 inches on top of the ice-base […]

Trail Conditions 2/2

We are open today! Our trails still have a solid base of ice with only 3 inches of snow on top, which will make the skiing very fast. Because of the ice, our groomer hasn’t been able to operate as well as it should, meaning the majority of our trails are NOT groomed. Beginners will […]

Trail Conditions 2/1

We are open today. We have a solid base of ice with 3 inches on top of it. The one report on our trails that we had yesterday stated that skiing wasn’t too bad. Even though the skiing was fast, there will still some control. Beginners are in for a challenging experience while experts can […]

Trail Conditions 1/31

We are open today Our base is still solid ice with 4-5 inches on top of that ice. Our groomer could not work with all of the ice, keeping 80% of our trails ungroomed. The skiing will be fast and unstable, inexperienced skiers will have a hard time staying up while experts are in for […]

Trail Conditions 1/30

We are open! However, our trails are not in great shape. There is a thick layer of ice as our base and our groomer could not effectively groom, leaving 80% of our trails untouched. The skiing is going to be fast and uncontrollable for novices. Veterans will manage, although it’ll be a work out. Unfortunately […]

Trail Conditions 1/25

Unfortunately we got a lot of rain over the last two days, which has caused our trails to get slushy. In an attempt to preserve our trails for the upcoming week, we will be CLOSED until further notice.   We are expecting snow sometime next week so hopefully we will open up later in the […]