21 December, 2020

Our groomer worked on the trails today and had better luck than last week with the snow mobile. The trails still aren’t up for skiing yet, but we will continue working on them and post updates as we have them.

December 21-25, 2020

We will remain closed all this week as we wait for the snow to pack down with the weather change at the end of the week. Our road also needs some work before we feel comfortable having people driving on it. At the end of this week, we will re-evaluate the conditions to see if […]

20 December, 2020

Still closed until further notice

December 20, 2020

We are still in the midst of trying to pack down the snow on the trails so our snowmobile might be able to maneuver better, but it is proving challenging as the snow is so deep. We will post updates as we have them!

19 December, 2020

Hi all, We are CLOSED for the weekend; hoping to have our staff get out and trudge through the trails to pack the snow down a bit to help our snowmobile maneuver — the issue is that our snowmobile is too small/not powerful enough to handle this amount of snow. Stay tuned for an opening; […]

December 18, 2020

We are disappointed to say that unfortunately we won’t be able to open tomorrow for skiing. Our groomer wasn’t able to move on the snow with the equipment we have, despite many attempts. We hope we might be able to open later in the week as rain in the forecast might pack the snow and […]

December 18, 2020

We got in contact with somebody who is planning to be up before lunch today to plow our road. We will then be able to start grooming, and if all runs smoothly we hope for an opening tomorrow, Saturday, December 19 with a handful of groomed trails.

December 17, 2020

We got around 2 feet of snow overnight last night. Our plow got stuck this morning, so our groomer won’t be able to get in until we are able to find someone who can plow our road. Therefore, it is unlikely we’ll be able to open tomorrow, but are still hoping for a potential opening […]

December 16, 2020

We are hoping for a potential opening on Friday, December 18 or Saturday, December 19. We won’t know what the exact conditions will be until tomorrow after we get the majority of the snow, and we will post as we have updates. It is strongly recommended that drivers use 4 wheel drive to make it […]

9 December, 2020

Dear skiers,   We are incredibly grateful and excited that we are still able to be open this winter season for skiing and other fun winter activities! We are really looking forward to having you up at Crystal Lake to enjoy the outdoors, ski, have fun, and be active.   We will be running modified […]