February 13 2020: 930am

We do not have enough snow to open this week. We will be closed until further notice.

Feb 9, 7am – 25 degrees

We are open!  As with yesterday, there is coverage everywhere and we had a good number of skiers yesterday.  It’s lightly snowing this morning, and our forecast calls for a somewhat warming day. We’re expecting another good day!

February 8 2020: 1pm

Trails are in good condition. There are a couple of thin areas, but with the snow still falling there is full coverage.

February 8 2020: 9am

We are open today from 9am-5pm. For our upper trails that have more elevation conditions are pretty good. On our lower trails especially under trees, trails are a little thin, but there is coverage everywhere!

February 7 2020: 130 pm

We have about 6 inches of snow covering our trails and more coming. We will be open tomorrow!

February 3 2020

While we’re grateful for the 5 inches we received over the weekend, with the forecast warmth today and tomorrow (upper 40s/low 50s), we are remaining closed in hopes of retaining what we can into this coming weekend when it gets cold again.

February 2, 2020: 1 pm

We have been getting snow, we still do not know if it is enough to open on Monday. We will announce if and when we open. Stay tuned by checking our Instagram and our website!

January 22, 2020: 9am

We are OPEN until 5pm today, and will be operating out of our main office. Half Day pricing all day today given the conditions.

21 January, 2020: 7:30am

We are OPEN today from 9am – 5pm, and will be holding our check-in process in our Camp Office [as opposed to the ski shop]. Conditions are decent on our upper trails that got a bit more coverage than the lower ones. Things picked up yesterday, and runs became a little fast. Lower trails, with […]

January 20, 2020: Mid-Day Update

It’s been a great day here at the ski shop–conditions a bit better than yesterday. Sun is up and shining brightly, snow might get soft towards the later end of the afternoon.