Snow Mobile Fundraiser

Sponsors and Supporters 

Runners unite: Cross Country Skiing is a great winter training tool. Check out Elite Feet  for your running gear. Many thanks to the folks here for their support of our Ski Center!

Other Great Ski Areas

Much of what we do at Crystal Lake, and this website, are inspired by the wonderful trails, atmosphere, (and snow!) at the Whitegrass Ski Area in Canaan Valley West Virginia. Do check out their Daily Report; their season is twice as long as ours.

Another favorite spot for local skiers when we don’t have good coverage is Laurel Ridge in Southwestern PA. The PA Cross Country Skiers Association maintains trails such as Laurel Ridge on state forest land, and has a webcam which inspired ours.  (They also helped us set ours up and we continue to try to duplicate their functionality.) You can check out our trail conditions on their site as well!  http://www.paccsa.org/lrwebcam